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Address:Wuxi New District hung Hill Photoelectric Industrial Park Hong month Road No. 28
Company Profile

  Wuxi Juli Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in December 1983, and has been known as Wuxi Mine Machinery Co.,Ltd, it is specialized in manufacturing metallurgy ladle and metallurgical transfer cars.


Wuxi juli built a new production base for large sized equipment-hongshan workshop, reserved a workshop for medium and small sized equipment located at south of the wuxi city. Its annual capacity is 35000T, maximum specification of the ladle is 490T, maximum specification of metallurgical transfer car is 700T. Wuxi juli has achieved highly profession, macro-scale operations technology, semi automatic precision work level.


Wuxi juli occupy the maximum share at the domestic ladle and ladle car’s market, have already provided JULI brand ladle and ladle car for Bao steel,Wu steel, Ma stell, SGJT United Steel Tianjin, Xinchen,Xinyun,Sha stell etc. juli have also increased its international share fastly, exported products to many famous iron and steel corperation all over the world, such as JFE, SUMIKIN METAL, NIPPON STEEL,POSCO, SMS DEMAG, DANIELI, ARCELOR METAL, CSN, ERDEMIR and so on.


Wuxi juli hold the professional technology for good size ladle and transfer car. we use two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, finite element analysis for products, has the ability to design by ourselves as well as conversion design. Till now we have hold several patents including trunnion box of ladle(PATENT No. 02258051.4), Molten iron tilting and desulphurization(patent No. 02258050.6),etc. wuxi juli solely draft out the teeming ladle for metallurgy trade standard YB/T4175-2008,and trade standard for metallurgy transfer car is under drafted, beside, wuxi juli have already passed ISO9001.


Wuxi juli manufactured 300T teeming ladle for SUMIKIN METAL on 2005, achieved highly appraise with it high quality and good pe rformance. On 2006, we have successfully  manufactured domestic maximum specification 320Tteeming ladle for ma steel, 480T metallurgy transfer car, designed and manufactured 1200T big sized nuclear power equipment car for shanghai linggang heavy industry nuclear power project. Till now we have basically finished the design and manufacturing for SGJT United Steel 320T teeming ladle, 480T transfer car.


Wuxi juli will increasingly speed up the process of internationalization, profession, innovation and macro scale trend, optimize inner resource allocation, establish efficient operation system, satisfy customers’needs, provide them with our best service, and aims to establish the international manufacturing base for ladle and metallurgical transfer car.




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